Clinical Outreach

Total number of clients seen in 2014.

CYPs attained in 2014.

Number of permanent family planning methods taken in 2014.

Number of long term family planning methods taken in 2014.

The MSK Family Planning Outreach Model

MSK currently has 14 outreach teams which serve morethan 600 public and private sector sites across Kenya [Busia, Kitale, Kisii, Eldoret, Naivasha, Muranga, Meru, Machakos, Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi].

A team is comprised of two skilled nurses, one care assistant, a driver and a coopted regional doctor who rotates in the teams to provide permanent methods. On average an outreach team serves 50-100 clients per day.

Service Delivery

The outreach team utilizes health education to help individuals and communities improve their health by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes. The aim is to demystify myths surrounding FP and equip clients with the correct information to enable them to make informed choices of method.

Group counseling as well as individual counseling is available to clients. Demonstration of FP methods, question and answer sessions and role play are some of the other techniques used during health talks.


FP methods offered

MSK offers the full range of FP methods on outreach, including LAPM. These include: insertion of implants (Implanon and Jadelle), insertion of IUD and provision of tubal ligation (bilateral tubal ligation and vasectomy). We also provide clients with services such as removal of implants, removal of IUD and the management of side effects. To ensure a continuum of care, the team also supports the effective referral of clients to MSK clinics, MoH facilities and/or selected private health facilities.

Cervical cancer screening prevention and treatment

Through the concept of an integrated approach to health care and service delivery, MSK contributes to the fight against cervical cancer in Kenya. All women of reproductive age, on assessment, are eligible for cervical cancer screening in outreach sites. Routinely, all women undergoing IUD insertion are offered a screening.
Clients screened positive are effectively referred for non-invasive cryotherapy treatment at either an MSK clinic or an approved MoH facility.
Private Public Partnerships
MSK recognizes the importance of partnerships and collaboration with other stakeholders. MSK Outreach aligns its activities with the MoH and often provides its services through Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 public health facilities. Moreover, MSK collaborates with private institutions to generate demand and increase access to FP services. Community participation is incorporated in outreach activities through application of Kenya’s Community Strategy, which recognizes the role of CHWs.

Client Profile

Our outreach team offers services at no cost to our clients in some of the most remote areas of Kenya. The largest percentage of our clients in outreach are married women aged between 20-35 years 30% of whom live on less that 2.50 dollars a day. The average children per outreach client ranges between 4-7 kids