AMUA Social Franchise

The number of Social Franchises in 2014.

The number of family planning consultations done in 2014.

Number of CYPs generated in 2014.


AMUA Health Clinics


The MSK Social Franchising Model

The MSK Social franchise, AMUA, is MSI’s oldest social franchise network with members covering all regions of the country including arid and semi-arid lands. MSK coordinates and manages on behalf of the MoH, a private sector network that consists of 406 private service providers (KEPH levels 2-4) under the AMUA social franchising project. AMUA! meaning ‘DECIDE!’ in Ki-Swahili provides underserved rural and peri-urban women and men with essential SRH and primary health care services.

MSK provides clinical and business training, equipment and management support with the aim of increasing both institutional sustainability and service quality of private providers. Awareness of and demand for services is increased through Behavior Change Communication and promotional campaigns as well as using community health units (community health workers) coordinated by the community health extension workers.

MSK Social franchise offers services at a cost to the clients rural and peri-urban Kenya. Unlike for our outreach services, clients served under social franchise pay a small fee to access service. The average social franchise client does not have a lot of disposable income to spend on health care.

How we deliver services:

MSK Social Franchises are static clinics branded by MSK which have qualified clinical professionals who provide a range of reproductive health services aimed at reduction of maternal mortalities caused by unsafe abortions. The following range of services are offered in Social Franchises include:

• A choice of permanent, long term and short term family planning methods.
• Cervical cancer screening and treatment.
• Antenatal, safe delivery, post natal and child welfare clinics.
• General consultation and primary health care services including integrated management of childhood illnesses, malaria, diarrhea, immunization.
• Safe motherhood.