Social Marketing

Number of services delivered in 2014.

Tablets of Misoclear and Mediprist distributed in 2014.



The MSK Social Marketing Model

MSK social marketing adopts a hybrid supply chain by having national and regional distributors to service specific markets and direct prepaid clients using the mobile money platform.
The program has a team of four medical detailors and ten sales agents covering 40 out of 47 counties in the country. The program covers Coast, Western, Rift Valley, Central-Eastern and Nairobi regions with level of effort focused on regions with highest burden of unintended pregnancies and induced abortions

Social Marketing Products

Currently social marketing has a portfolio of four products. These include; Mediprist, Misoclear, Easy Preg and Smart Lady. Misoclear accounted for the bulk of the sales revenue generated in 2013 followed by Mediprist. They both contributed to 92% of the sales revenue. Easy Preg and Smart Lady accounted for the balance of the 8%.
We plan to include more products in the coming years to increase our impact in the provision of reproductive health services to the people of Kenya

Key challenges

The greatest challenges have been lack of national standards and guidelines on safe abortion and post abortion care which the program is working with other partners together with the government to have in place.


How we deliver services:

The social marketing program is involved in the reduction of maternal mortalities caused by unsafe abortions by distigmatization of abortion and increased access to safe abortion services through:

• Strategic and effective distribution medical abortion products
• Training of healthcare providers (HCPs) in public and private health institutions on Medical abortion
• Conducting Value clarification and attitude transformation (VCAT) sessions
• Participation in professional conferences and meetings to reach HCPs
• Advocacy at county and central government levels to ensure policy support