Aunty Marie Spotlight

Aunty Marie Spotlight

This week we focus our spotlight on Eric Ayiera who works with the Quality Assurance Department as a training manager. He is passionate about young people and always wants to remind them that they are the architects of their own future.

1.What am passionate about?

I am passionate about young people.I always want to remind young people that they are the architects of their own future and the choices they make right now have a significant impact in shaping their destiny.I derive a lot of pleasure from guiding young people.

2.What or who inspires you?

Inspired by former U.S President Barack Obama.He is the embodiment of all things possible with determination and self-belief. Within MSK, am inspired by Dr.Mark Ayallo’s work ethic.He has a  keen eye for details and the time he gets to the office daily(6 am) is indicative of a man who loves his job.

3. What is your greatest achievement in life?

More than 80% of my 8-year career has been spent on training health care workers to deliver quality health services.When I count the number of healthcare providers within and outside MSK who have passed through my fingers, I feel very proud of myself.

4.Best advice ever told to you or you can give.

A TIGER DOES NOT PROCLAIM ITS TIGRITUDE, HE POUNCES- Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian author. That simply means that we do not necessarily need to keep reminding people about the prestigious positions we hold in offices like Director X, Manager Y or Team leader Z.Our actions or the impact we are creating in that office should speak louder than the title itself.

 5.How would you describe your life at MSK.

The nature of my job gives me an opportunity to meet and interact with new faces on an almost weekly basis.The insights you get by listening and interacting with trainees from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultural orientations are just priceless.


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