In Their Hands

In Their Hands

Short Summary on ITH Project

Background Information

  • The contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) in Kenya is 58% and there is an 18% unmet need for family planning (23% amongst adolescents).
  • The average age at first pregnancy is 16.8 years and 18% of teenagers have begun childbearing.
  • The rate increases rapidly with age from 3% among girls aged 15, to 40% among girls aged 19.
  • The net effect of this is that the prospects of girls securing decent economic opportunities is greatly compromised, and this in turn jeopardizes the country’s potential of reaping the demographic dividend
  • Teenage pregnancy is a clear driver of maternal mortality– pregnancy and childbirth recognized as the second leading cause of death for Kenyan women aged 15-19. Unsafe abortion, estimated to account for 25% of all maternal deaths, is another significant driver of maternal mortality and morbidity in Kenya

 The Primary Outcome for ITH

  • To ensure that Kenyan adolescent girls choose when they get pregnant and never resort to unsafe abortion.

Project Objectives

  • At the individual level: Improve the agency and desire of adolescent girls to use SRH solutions.
  • At the institutional level: Increase access to quality SRH products and services among adolescent girls.
  • At the community level: Increase community acceptability of adolescent girls’ use of SRH products and services.

ITH will be implemented by 3 consortium partners

  • Well Told Story, Triggerise and Marie Stopes Kenya
  • The consortium will work towards a primary outcome to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies among Kenyan adolescents’ girls by increasing the uptake of SRH products and services among this target group

ITH will be delivered through;

  • A school program
  • Community Health Volunteers (CHVs)
  • Shujaaz Superfans
  • Triggerise Pro Agents

The girl’s journey on the ITH platform

These will talk to the girl, enroll her (if she has a phone) on the Triggerise platform, where she will proceed to get rewards (know as TIKO points) when she visits an MSK or Future Fab branded AMUA clinic, gets counselling, uses a service.  She will also get rewarded with TIKO points from the Triggerise platform on rating the health facility.



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