Moses the Entertainer

Moses the Entertainer

One minute we were laughing and joking about the quality of food at the hotel and the next minute my friend was no more. I was told he had collapsed that day but later received the heartbreaking news of his demise.

I keep wondering if he is toying with us, maybe he’s hiding somewhere watching us grieve, or maybe he’s sleeping his exhaustion off.

When I first met Moses The Entertainer he was still working at the Call centre, a career he thrived at due to his humble and joyful nature. Rarely would you see him not smiling, sometimes I think he even smiled when sleeping or maybe he had a small pair of lips that made him appear as if he was smiling and in reality he wasn’t.

Maybe I should just end this tribute here.


You probably wonder why I call him ‘the entertainer’. Well, this one time…

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this. It’s a funny story so I’m going to humour you a bit.

They say ‘white’ people can’t dance (no offence if you are white) well, that’s exactly how he danced that night. Like a ‘white’ person. Thanks to the liquor we had gorged ourselves on, Moses stood at the entrance of the bar and danced his heart out. His feet stood firmly on the ground but his knees and arms were all over the place. Due to the nature of his brain cells then (the slow ones wouldn’t understand what I’m saying) his long legs and arms were never in unison but somehow he still moved to the beat.

I had always felt that if he had ran for a political seat, people would love him. He was the kind of person to listen to. Any smart idea you’d throw at him he’d use one of his favorite words to cheer you on.

“By the way, inaeza work.” I can vividly recall his voice say that.

Most people who pass on rarely say good bye. I tend to think that even if they saw it coming it is easier not saying good bye. Imagine if all the people you have lost had done that before they died? I don’t know about you but their last words would have haunted me forever. Do you ever think or feel like they had a choice to live and yet chose to leave?

If there is a heaven then Moses The Entertainer will definitely pass through its gates. I sure hope that the heavenly crowd loves humour because they will be getting a lot of it. I write this tribute hoping that he has forgiven us for all the harsh words we threw at him, all the hugs we did not give, all the support we did not offer and all the love we did not show him.

No words can express the huge Impact Moses has left on us but no one says it best like Claudia Adrienne Grandi, “If I had a flower for every time I think of you, I could walk forever in my garden.”

Fare thee well dear friend, till we meet again.


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