Health ministry joins Marie Stopes to spread Amua clinics

Health ministry joins Marie Stopes to spread Amua clinics

The ministry of health in collaboration with Marie stopes Kenya has relaunched Amua Clinics as fully fledged family health clinics in a bid to deal with reproductive health concerns in the country. The project will cluster a network of health care workers that include clinical officers, nurses and midwives under a common brand to ensure efficient , affordable and sustainable healthcare service provision across the country. Currently there are about 300 Amua clinics across the country and the initiative hopes to strengthen community based structures and networks and move from just the delivery of reproductive health services alone to pre and post delivery maternal health care, cervical cancer screening, malaria diagnosis and treatment among others. Given that a large section of the Kenyan population remains underserved by the current health care model, the Amua model is expected to bridge the gaps as the clinics would be closer to the people and services will be provided at a reasonable cost.


  1. bronny keter 2 years ago

    im granction us chw frm friendoflondiani bt no jop so how cn i get in marie stope any 1 jop thx

    • hello,bronny keter,i cant understand your message,please call us back on 0800720005 or send the text again.

  2. Hillary Mammet 2 years ago

    Keep it up

  3. Samson poghisyo 2 years ago

    You are making us proud

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