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Public Sector Strengthening (PSS)

Towards the end of 2019, Marie Stopes Kenya launched the PSS channel, to add to its existing of service delivery channels. Although new to MSK, the channel is already in operation in other MSI country programs. The channel aims to build on the strengths and experience of the traditional channels i.e. Outreach, Social Franchise, Centres and Commercial Sales, while leveraging new opportunities in the domestic health financing space to facilitate capacity building of MOH staff to enhance the provision of accessible quality SRH services and information. This will be done through a transfer of skills to Ministry of Health staff to maintain sustainable, reliable service delivery.

 The channel focuses on the following services:

  • FP: Long and short term family planning
  • PAC – Post-abortion care
  • Cervical cancer screening & treatment.
  • Training of service providers (private & public).
  • Demand generation.
  • Youth targeted services.

The value proposition to the public facilities includes capacity building through training to offer all forms of modern FP, infection prevention, client counseling and consent, medical emergency management, commodity management and provision of youth friendly services among others, joint support supervision, data management and reporting, advocacy and demand generation support. The channel currently has 155 sites spread across 28 counties.

Success Story

Through family planning PSS program Mrima maternity hospital has been able to increase the number of service providers through mentorship progra gomme to other nurses in the facility. Previously we had only 2 service provider who were competent in FP.
At the moment we have managed to do mentorship to 5 nurses. Caroline,Naomi, Lynet, Mercyline, Phanice. Caroline has been assess by Marie stopes for Competency and she is at level 1 in short term methods and in Jadelle and IPC she is yet to be assessed on IUCD.

Through PSS we have been able to increase the uptake of FP long term methods especially IUCD since Marie stopes supplied us with the appropriate instruments and trainings contrary to previously we had only one IUCD set hence improving quality of care to clients in Mrima

During the normal days FP service are charged, Due to the social demographic aspect our clients can not afford. This compromised our services and our numbers were low especially in long-term methods, but since we started PSS inreaches offering free services, we have been able to increase numbers of clients on various FP methods hence improving our Data.

PAC services have improved both in service provision in that nurses Monica and Agnes are able to carry out MVA services and hence reduce time waiting time since initially doctors are the ones who used to carry out MVA and due to our sterling performance in being among the top 3 in CYP rating we were awarded MVA Kits enough to service at least 6 clients a day who seek PAC services.

On the same note documentation has improved and the numbers are better than 2 years ago since we have a reporting tool on the same.

IPC standards have improved in FP room through the introduction of the sterilization log Sheet and the need for temperature steam time to just ensure that our instruments are properly sterilized.

Initially we never had consent for clients and in the case where maybe there could ever be a medical legal issue, we would be caught off guard but upon introduction of PSS we have the consents that have been adopted as a good practice.

Incidences reporting based on the complains from the clients has has been a good practice in that we have managed to improvise a book which we document the report that particular insidence to Solomon.

Flip charts during counselling has effectively made us to improve client's understanding especially the Deaf or Dump hence improving the service even to PWD

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