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New Tools for MSK


27 September 2019

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New Tools for MSK

It is exiting to report back that we now have new tools for MSK, these are meant to improve process visibility to all staff, and to ease the transaction processes from manual, to a more digital fashion. Each of these tools give real-time update on status of each transaction.


Electronic Health Records (EH R) is the system that replaced CLIC in the centres, and Tradogram replaced inflow for order processing. Both of these tools have been designed to take the entire end to end business process, giving visibility of each stage to all the concerned parties.


E H R.

Electronic Health Records system is designed to work both in a large facility with inpatient and outpatient services, and can be shrinked to work in the smallest facility with one provider and receptionist.

In our case, both scenarios have been implemented, tested and working to date.

The solution design is a server/client setup, and has several modules for each function.

Each module is designed to capture domain data exhaustively, and build up to the client record throughout her journey at the facility.







The system provides a business Intelligence dashboard, as well as reports and datasets – under analysis tab, that can be manipulated to create reports of the end users choice



The dashboards give Key performance indicators of the facility, and can be easily customized to display date ranges, filter to particular service, etc.













The reporting section is very intuitive and, easy for the user to find what they are looking for. This however needs practise in order to familiarise with the tools and controls it presents.



From the manual ordering process, where all requisitions were raised on paper, and it gets circulated for approval to be made (manually), the solution converts the process to be online. Regardless of where you are, you can now raise requisitions online and have it approved online whilst tracking the progress until you receive your order. This helps us cut down on the logistical delays of pushing paper, and gives you near to immediate feedback response on approvals or rejection of your requisition, so that you know the way forward.

The requisition window provides with status tabs indicating status of requisitions, and email alerts when your requisition is acted on.




The Project dashboard provides control, on who can spend on that project and status details of expenditure. A spend report is also available for the managers and project leads, giving them real-time status report on commitments and expenditure, this helps them to manage expenses and plan on the next courses of the projects they manage.


  1. Staff should ensure their requisitions are approved by Thursday each week, this is because they clear all approved requisitions on Fridays.
  2. In as much the approved requisitions reach them immediately, for Booking and accommodations, they need to provide a time lead of 5 days, for securing the bookings. Accommodation requisitions made same day the accommodation may not be honored because of reservation issues.


Project status Dashboard







Project Line, Project Spend report   




Line Item, Project Spend report  


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