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Future Fab

Be Fab and join us.

I own my future

Making contraception one of the cool kids .

Future Fab is for teens who take control of their lives and go for their dreams . We are an adolescent lifestyle network by Marie Stopes that offers a safe space where you can talk to your pals, your community and your health care providers about the value of contraception.

What is Future Fab?

You hold your future in your own hands, never waver in that belief.

Future Fab comes to life in a variety of formats. Social events put the spotlight on you as an adolescent. Rather than making clinics the center of attention,young troupes of dancers and singers become the highlight alongside fashion and talent shows. By creating a high-energy atmosphere that celebrates the ambitions and talents of young people, we're able to connect contraception to what's already relevant and meaningful to you, by emphasizing the role it can play in helping you continue to pursue your hobbies,interests aspirations and dreams. We create a positive,teen centric feeling in a place where ambition and energy are on full display

Where can you find us.

We hold events all across Kenya to give you chance to showcase your talents and talk to us about your sexual health.

Future Fab events are all about celebrating the potential of young people. Watch out for our magnet theaters, teen meetups, school events and even parent meetups near you. Our Diva connectors will also be at hand to talk to you about your sexual health, contraceptives and how to pursue your dreams without risk of unwanted pregnancies. We can also link you up with our Future Fab clinics where our youth friendly service providers will be at hand to sort you out .



Take control ya future yako...usikubali unwanted pregnancies ziku slow down

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