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Mobile Outreach Clinics

We bring freedom and choice right at your doorstep

Marie Stopes Kenya is here to serve

We are passionate about empowering Kenyan girls and women irrespective of their location or financial background.

We have partnered with the government of Kenya to ensure you can access long acting permanent and reversible contraceptives in over 600 government hospitals and other private sector sites free of charge on different dates.

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Services available at our mobile clinics

Long-acting reversible contraceptives

These include the implant and the intrauterine copper device (IUD), also known as the coil.

These birth control methods are long-lasting with little or no effort required to use effectively. They are generally safe with no effects to a woman's health.


Permanent family planning methods

These are irreversible methods of family planning. We offer vasectomy and tubal ligation.

Maybe you already have the exact number of children you always wanted, or maybe you've decided not to have children at all. If you're confident that making babies is no longer in your future plans these birth control methods may be right for you.

Contraceptive check-ups

We offer check-ups for clients who have received either long term or permanent birth control methods.

You are strongly encouraged to pay us a visit as will be recommended and scheduled when you start taking a birth control method or should you have any queries.


Contraceptive change or removal

You can change or remove your implant or IUD in any of our mobile clinics.

At some point, you may want your implant or IUD removed because it has expired or you want to have another baby. We can help you with that. The process of removal is often easier, less painful and quicker than insertion.



Why choose us

We believe that little details go a long way.

We understand that you expect high quality services and we’ll build our relationship with you based on confidentiality and trust.

Whether you’re new to the world of contraception or have years of experience our experts will take you through counselling and help you choose a method that suits you best. After you have selected a method, our team understands the vulnerability often experienced while undergoing sexual health related procedures and will ease the process as much as possible. We will also follow up on you after the service to ensure the family planning method is working perfectly for you.

What to expect

We offer our services in a comfortable customer-centric atmosphere with your wellness in mind.

Our mobile outreach team each comprise of skilled nurses, a care assistant and a doctor to offer permanent family planning methods such as tubal ligation. We will serve you from the government or private facility selected for service provision on the day of your visit.

...Tutavuka milima na mabonde ili kukupa wewe na wale uwapendao fursa ya kujikimu siku za usoni

If you'd like to understand if any of the services we offer are right for you, speak to us.

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Other ways to access our services

Marie Stopes Kenya operates in every single region of the country, delivering services and information to the country’s underserved communities in a number of different ways.

Our clinics

Our 23 clinics provide a comfortable atmosphere designed with your sexual and reproductive health needs in mind.

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AMUA clinics

Our network of over 350 Amua clinics offers quality and affordable family planning services to clients in rural and peri-urban Kenya.

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Contact Centre

Our contact centre offers free consultation with a trained medical professional over the phone and a portfolio of products aimed at reducing maternal mortalities caused by unsafe abortions.

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