MSK offer long term and permanent methods of family planning. These include: insertion and removal of implants, insertion of IUD and provision of tubal ligation (bilateral tubal ligation and vasectomy). Read More

Pregnancy Care

Maternal and newborn health is a core component of many of our programmes. It’s fundamental to our commitment to support the right of women to enjoy good sexual and reproductive health. Read More

STI & HIV Testing

At MSK you will have a confidential consultation with a nurse who will discuss your concerns and recommend any tests. We recommend making an appointment for a comprehensive sexual health screening. Read More


Cervical,Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening

All women of reproductive age are eligible for cervical cancer screening. Routinely, all women undergoing IUD insertion are provided with screening. Read More

Integrated Services

Our integrated services for women include; malaria treatment, nutritional advice, PMTCT, and a safe delivery for HIV positive and negative women. Read More

Social Marketing

Currently social marketing has a portfolio of four products. These include; Mediprist, Misoclear, Easy Preg and Smart Lady.  Read More

Community visit Video

Marie Stopes kenya is here to take care of your Reproductive healthcare needs backed by a long record of technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail.